Sunday, December 12, 2010

Winter with Brett and Dantzel

Dantzel's New Jumper and Big Blue Eyes
In our attempt to raise athletic children we got Dantzel a jumper and she's loving it. She is starting to laugh which combined with her big blue eyes makes her Daddy melt.

Brett has an Arm(s)
When Brett gets something in his hands (right or left) watch out because he will nail ya. He's also getting pretty good at drop-kicking a soccer ball (not even 2 yet!)

Brett and Daddy
We got Brett and Dad dressed up and decided to do their favorite thing - take pictures. The picture of Jeff and Brett is the closest Brett would let Jeff get. After every picture Brett jumps off the couch to see how the most recent picture looks - funny boy!

Best Buddies - Brett and "Sissy"
These two are becoming more and more inseparable. Dantzel (or "Sissy" as Brett calls her) is growing fast and getting toughened up by her big brother's tough love.

Funny Face by Brett
We brush Brett's teeth everyday (well almost everyday) in front of a mirror. One day while pasting up his toothbrush he started laughing at himself while making this face. Now whenever asked to make "Funny Faces" this is the pose.

"Big" Shoes
Winter time in Rexburg means more time in the house which means time for Brett to get creative. The other day we found him trompin' around in Daddy's "Big" shoes. This afternoon he was walking around in Mommy's high heels while saying "Goin church." Brett sure makes time in the house fun.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Love this little girl...

She is getting so big, I call her "chubs" as her nickname, cuz I mean look at those cheeks. She is in the 90th percentile for height and weight. Dantzel is starting to laugh and grab onto toys. She is starting to track moving objects, which is mostly Brett. What a little doll. Cutest baby in the world, in my book anyway.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Boise State

We dressed up for Halloween as insane Boise State fans. We have to continually remind ourselves that our happiness does not depend on how well Boise State does in football. It was super fun to dress up and Brett now knows the colors blue and orange = Boise state. He was yelling at the neighbors the other day, "jsdklafj asdhflkj asdnf boise state alskdfjl aldksjaf." He has learned how to vent about Boise State, a behavior learned from his father I'm sure.

Brett is doing so well, he is such a joy to be around all day. Funny story: Brett was eating a hot dog for lunch in his high chair and a fly landed on his dog. He was in absolute shock and awe that a fly would land on his food. Well, the fly flew away and Brett slowly picked up his hot dog raised it in the air and said "here ya go buzz", intending to feed the "buzz". Such a crack up, I sure love this kid.

My little angel! Dantzel is growing so fast and is crying less and less (thank goodness)! She smiles with her mouth open and loves to "goo goo" to me. In the sun her hair has a hint of red, we will see if it will stay that way, that would be fun!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Brother and Sister

So there are times when these two look alike, and some times they look nothing alike. Here is a pic of both of them at 2 months.
Brett at 2months.Dantzel at 2 months

Having a baby in the summer kind of throws off vacation opportunities. We decided to go on a mini vacation to grandma and grandpa's cabin in Island Park. It was our first get away since graduate school and we had a blast.
Dantzel loves 4-wheeling, she fell asleep within minutes on each ride.

Brett and Jeff playing in the woods. Hooray, the leaves are turning colors.

Family pic using self-timer, never quite sure when to smile.

Dantzel isn't very religious, she did not want to go to church this morning, but she did look to die for!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Dantzel is 6 weeks!

It is amazing how fast she is changing...
1 day

3 days

2 weeks

3 weeks

4 weeks

6 weeks
Dantzel is chubby and cute, she is gaining all her weight in the cheeks! It think it is adorable. We sure love having her around. She is starting to smile, especially for her Daddy. She is an AMAZING sleeper. She only wakes up once a night for a feeding and sleeps in until 8. I am so dang lucky!!
Jeff is so proud to be mowing his own lawn with his own mower, I can imagine this a big day for any man!

Jeff ran the Mesa Falls Marathon!!! He ran the whole 26.2 miles, and didn't walk at all. Way to go baby!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Born on the wedding day...

Dantzel Neeley was born on Friday, July 30th at 9:10am. She weighed 7lbs 6oz and 18in long. My original due date was July 27th, and Hailee's wedding was July 30th. I thought because I went on my due date with Brett that I would do the same with her. Well Friday morning at 3:30am I had my first contraction, and my first thought was "oh no, my mom is going to kill me". So it's true, I missed my only sister's wedding, but I had the most wonderful excuse. The best surprise was when Hailee and Derek came to the hospital from the temple to see me and Dantzel. It was so sweet, I get a big lump in my throat every time I think about it. What a cool memory, I love my sister and my new little baby girl. It was an AMAZING day.
I labored at home until 7:30am and I told Jeff I needed to go to the hospital NOW, becuase the pain was getting bad fast. I checked in at the hospital at 8am and I had her 1hr and 10 min later. She came is just three pushes and was healthy as can be. I am recovering well, and she is a sweet little peanut. It's amazing how tiny they are, it also makes Brett look like a giant. He loves his little sister, but isn't exactly sure how to interact with her. We are so happy to have our sweet girl here.
Daddy's little girl.

The bride and groom came to see us at the hospital.

Hailee and Dantzel share a very special day.

I love my baby girl

She has the tiniest, perfect little head and face

Brett and Dantzel

She thinks she is so big holding up her head! What a little toot!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Goin' Private

Hello Friends,
We have decided to change our blog to a private blog for safety reasons. I want all of you to be able to continue following. Please give me your e-mail addresses so you can view the blog. You don't want to miss pics of the little baby coming soon...
Take care,
Jeff and Lindsay

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hooray for summer and nice weather. We are still in Rexburg and it has been beautiful!! We are planning on staying in Rexburg, and have a home set up to rent come August. Jeff is starting a business here and he is getting excited to actually be an entrepreneur (I spell that word wrong EVERYTIME, I should really comit to learning how to spell it since that is what my husband does).
Our baby girl is less than 2 weeks away, and we are getting so excited to meet her. I had an appt. today and the midwife said she is quite small, she was worried enough that I had to get an ultrasound. After all the measurments were taken the estimated weight was only 5lb 12oz. She told me to stop exercising, rest more and get more calories. I think I can handle that.
Brett is doing great and growing so fast, he is such a boy. He loves anything with wheels and engines, one of his first words was "cycle". I love hearing his little feet pitter-patter on the tile and I love seeing him play with trains and cars. He has learned how to say "sister" and "Dantzel", he is going to be such a great big brother. He might be in shock the first couple of weeks and try to poke her eyes out, but he will get used to her being around. He loves helping around the house, he found a paint brush the other day and thought is was a perfect sized Bretty broom. He was walking around the house saying "seep" which I interpreted as sweep.

Trying to keep Brett awake after church with a sucker, not happening.

Brett tells me at least once a day "cycle, neigh". Interpretation "Daddy, I want to ride the cycle down to see the horsey".

Bowling...I can't believe they make bowling shoes that tiny!

Me and sister-in-law Elisa. We are only 3 days apart, we are both having girls...hooray!

Family reunion in Ashton.

We made trip to Utah to go boating at Yuba Lake with family. Brett loved driving the boat.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

An overdue update...

Wow, a lot has happened this last month. Jeff graduated with an MBA from school in Austin and we were outta there a week later. We sold a ton of stuff on craigslist (a fun little hobby) and jammed all of our stuff into Jeff's truck and utility trailer and the car. It was a very white trash move across the country. It took five days to get to Idaho, but we did it without any accidents or tickets, oh yeah. We are temporarily in Rexburg living with family until we find our next step! The future is so exciting.
I am now 7 and 1/2 months pregnant and my belly button is starting to stick out. It has been a great pregnancy with no complications. I am starting to slow down a little, I get out of breath after walking up the stairs and I have to make a funny noise when I bend over. I am getting excited to meet this little girl.
We have enjoyed spending time with the fam, and we are anxious for the weather to improve. It's been quite a shock coming from 90 degree humidity to 40 degree dry cold weather. Lotion and chapstick have become a necessity.
Favorite swimming hole in Austin.

Weekend at Gma and Gpa's cabin.

Gibson and Brett

The dudes.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

He's Finished!!

Jeff finished his last day of class April 21st and we have been having a ball! We have been able to spend a lot of family time together and get to know each other again! Graduation is May 1st, and Jeff's family is flying to Texas for the event, we are so excited to see family! Here are some pics of the stuff we have been doing:

Jeff's graduation present. Unfortunately it's only a one day rental and not a Harley Davidson to keep. Maybe someday honey! But for now he was so excited to get the bike and ride off for the day.

My boys look so good on a Harley!

Brett taking some time to read the Ensign.

We went camping and had a blast. Brett loved pushing his dump truck around in the dirt and he just loved never having to go inside. We had tinfoil dinners and s'mores, we went hiking and Brett slept the whole night in a tent (9:30pm - 6:30am) He is such a good camper we might just do it again! (Notice the's getting bigger!)

Enjoying s'mores in a mini camp cute.

"Helping" Jeff put up the tent.

My little stud muffin!