Saturday, January 23, 2010

Birthday and New Craft Project!

I can't believe my baby is 1. We had a super fun birthday party with all his little friends. I think the party was mostly for me, cuz I love to do stuff like this. Brett enjoyed the company and the cupcake. He is eating all "big people" food now and I love it, it's so easy. He has 1 molar already and is growing like crazy: 90% height and 55% for weight.

Bretty unsure of sitting on a ledge by himself, but I had to take a picture of my awesome decorating.

Cupcake...he could not keep his eyes or paws off of it.

Birthday are awesome, so is big people food.

A happy sugar-overloaded 1 year old.

I have wanting to make little boy church ties for a long time, but I was kind of intimidated, it looked really hard. But my good friend got a sewing machine and was willing to help me put it together. So here is my finished product...Love it.

I got this pattern from It was well worth the $6 pattern and so much fun. And if I can make ties, anybody can. I am a beginner-beginner sewer.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


We are so excited to announce that Baby Neeley #2 is on the way. Due July 27th, which means I am only 11 weeks along which means I have 29 weeks to go! Ahhhhh. I am feeling great (please don't beat me) and I have been to the doctor to hear the heartbeat, so far so good. This means that Brett and the new little one will be only 18 months apart...sounds like an adventure.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Holiday Vacation

Wow, it's been a while since I blogged and so much has happened. Jeff got a 3 week vacation from school and we spent it in Idaho and California visiting family! It was a fun and much needed break.
FUNNIES: Brett is changing and growing into such a little boy. One of this newest things is to pull his blankets over his head while he sleeps. drives me crazy. I feel hot and short of breath just looking at this picture.
Jeff got these coke bottle glasses from school (because you have to be a nerd to go to Acton, duh) and Brett loves them. He is getting a sense of humor because when anyone puts these glasses on he starts laughing. The cutest nerd of all time... Bretty!
IDAHO: We had so much fun in Idaho for 2 weeks! Jeff and Brett spent some time outside building tubing jumps, chasing bunnies, and quad rides. Brett loved tubing and Jeff definitely got his exercise pulling him in the snow.Christmas morning. We were all spoiled rotten Christmas morning...this was one of my favorite gifts, matching pj's and warm fuzzy socks to go with. Aren't we quite the trio, these here are my favorite gals. We had so much fun playing games and eating yummy food.
CALIFORNIA: We spent our last week in Cali with Jeff's fam. We were spoiled again with gifts and had a fun housefull. Jeff and Brett went for a few dirt bike rides on the lawn, and Brett was in heaven. He would let go of the handlebars in the middle of the ride to start clapping because he was so happy.Our favorite outing was to La Jolla beach in San Diego. We got there in perfect time to watch the sun go down, it was stunning. Brett saw this frisby and was crazy about it. When we would take it away to try and take a picture he would start throwing a tantrum and screaming and crying until we gave it back to him. Oh dear...Family picture on La Jolla at sunset. (I know this picture looks fake, but it's not, this is really what it looked like. It was incredible)Jeff and Brett would go up close to the water and when the waves would come in they would run away from them. It was cute, and they were both laughing and having a great time.