Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Welcome to Texas!

My mom made a special visit all the way from Idaho. It was so much fun and she stayed for an entire week. We spent our time exercising, talking, shopping, dancing, site seeing and playing with Brett. Brett just loved Grandma, he would wake up from every nap looking around for her (grandma). Mom was so sweet and wanted to help all the bums and people trying to ask for money, what a softy! We made sure before she left, that she left with bags full of Texas souvenirs as you can see below.

Look at all this Texas stuff, good thing the Longhorns are doing so well in football this year!! My little Texas Longhorn football star!

Mom and Bretty were best pals by the end of the trip. This if Jeff playing peek-a-boo from behind me, Brett loves peek-a-boo, it looks like grandma does too.

We had so much fun with mom and we already miss her. Brett and I will be going to Idaho for a visit at the end of excited. Brett is growing up so fast and doing so well. He eats Ritz crackers and string cheese. Oh dear, my baby is eating real people food. I think I need another baby.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Junior Pilot

Lately Brett has loved spending time in laundry baskets and boxes. I'm thinking it helps him feel secure?!?! So I had this crazy idea to make him an airplane out of a box. I was seriously losing sleep at night thinking how I could make this plane awesome! Anyway it was such a fun project, it turned out pretty cute and most importantly Bretty loves it!
Here is our little junior pilot in the "Brett-sky"