Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Pedal Bike for Dantzel

Christmas morning was pretty special for Dantzel. She woke up before the other kids and saw her new purple pedal bike, and she was so excited!
She was a little nervous about trying to ride it, but with a little encouragement, she did it and was riding really well within an hour!
I'd say she is pretty darn happy about it!
Ready to try a pedal bike with NO training wheels!
She's got it! First day on the bike and she learned like a champ!
We were all pretty proud of her, and I'm quite impressed, she is only 4!

These balance bikes are awesome!


Brett, Dantzel and Kelsey were so excited to visit grandma and grandpa's house in Idaho, and see snow for the first time! We arrived at the house at 12 midnight and the kids immediately jumped out of the suburban and ran straight through the snow, laughing and screaming, rolling around in it, and throwing it up in the air. All this happened in the Christmas lighting and it was pretty darn magical.
We spend a couple days at Grandma and Grandpa Jones cabin in Island park. We were thinking that the kids would only stay out in the snow for a short time and come in because of the cold, but they played in the snow for hours!

Grandpa made a sledding hill!
A Texas girl making her first snow angel!
Snow is so magical
Even this little toot couldn't get enough of the snow!