Monday, July 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Dantzel

Had a fun day remembering Dantzel's birth day and the fun story that goes with it. I love telling people the story, and I am still amazed that I managed to have my baby on my only sisters' wedding day. Go fig. We told the kids the story and showed them pictures, they laughed. Jeff is a great storyteller.
I was ready to start the day fixing pancakes for Dantzel (trying to make it special) and she said, "no I want eatmeal (oatmeal)". Okay fair enough. Then I made a fabulous angel food cake, and she wouldn't touch it, just ate the strawberries...I guess I have a whole year to get over it. :)
Dantzel had presents from grandmas and friends to open, that was fun and she loved it (Brett too). She got a strider balance bike in pink, she was very surprised. We kept having to lower the seat, it almost rubs against the back tire, love those short legs!!
We sang happy birthday a lot today, she would listen politely and after the song say "thank you". Cute. She wouldn't blow out the candles, she looked a little stressed about the whole situation, Jeff blew them out and she started laughing.
We love our Dantzel, Sissy, Dantzi, Danno, Lulu, Dolly Llama...She answers to just about anything. Her happy, upbeat, sweet spirit is just what our family needs. <3
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Sunday, July 8, 2012

We ♥ Idaho

We took a last minute week long trip to Idaho to visit family and friends. The weather was amazing (nothing like a fresh breath of Idaho air after living in Texas), and it was so good to see everyone and get spoiled by grandma.

Family of five, still amazed all these kids belong to me. Love Kelsey's smile.

Dantzel coloring. Love this pic my dad took of my dolled up (thanks grandma) baby girl!
We spent three days of our trip at our favorite campground at the base of the Tetons. It was beautiful and a great break. No cell phone service, which seems to eliminate a lot of distractions. Jeff spent a lot of time fishing with the kids. We went on a hike and had yummy food on the campfire, sang songs (James: Brett is still making up funny lyrics to "Down by the Bay") and played games.

Pic by my brother James. On a hike with the fam. Lots of babies. ♥
Another pic by James, he was on top of the trailer. We love this campsite, and we have claimed it "our spot".

Trever in his funny PJ's. Mom forgot Trev's PJ's so he wore this one piece Santa looking suit. They were a little small with a button missing in the middle, hence the blanket. He was tickled about them, hootin' and hollerin', love ya Trev.

As we were packing up to leave, Dantzel was grabbing handfuls of dirt and throwing them in her hair. Funny girl.

We love grandmas house!!