Friday, November 27, 2009

Turkey Trot and Laundry Basket Races

I started Thanksgiving morning off with a bang. Me and two close friends ran a 5 mile race in downtown Austin, it was beautiful weather and the jog felt refreshing!!! I also felt justified in eating more later that day :). It was an AWESOME Thanksgiving with great food and friends.
My two biggest fans to meet me at the finish line! Jeff was sweet and took care of Brett the morning of the race. Brett had dried food on his cheeks, snotty nose, and dirt around his mouth (Jeff set him down on the ground and Brett started eating dirt). We are THANKFUL for mommy.

Gearing up for the race: the goals were to run the entire 5 miles and complete it in under an hour. We all accomplished both goals.

Awesome running partners!! We all stayed together during the race and chatted and laughed and had a great time!

We try to think of fun things to do with Brett in the evenings with our 1 hour together and we came up with........laundry basket races!!! We toss him in a basket with a bunch of padding and then we zooooom around the house.
Brett getting psyched up for his trip in the laundry basket.

So fun, Brett loves does Jeff.

Brett rolls over and sleeps on his stomach now. We have a teddy bear in his crib and he likes to wrestle it. It looks like he pinned Teddy and then fell asleep.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Texas in November

The weather here is absolutely wonderful!!!! It's in the 70's and sunny everyday and we are lovin' it! November has been an atypical month for me, I'm used to having my coat, boots and scarf on by now. We still bum around in jeans and t-shirts. (sorry if it seems I'm bragging a little, I am, I feel like I get to after the awful hot summer). Here are some of our outdoor activities...

You know how your neighbors stuff and toys are always way cooler than your own, well Bretty feels the same way. His friend next door has a little tikes bike and cozy coupe. He is really starting to LOVE these kind of things, and it is so much fun.

Crazy Bretty driver!

Jeff doesn't like this picture becuase the bike has pink on it, but I thought it was so adorable, I just had to post it. Brett loves hangin' out on the neighbors bike.

Jeff got a suprise e-mail from Acton saying "no class tomorrow", he was so happy. We were able to spend a few hours of good family time.

Love this pic, check out those eyes. WOW!
Jeff and Brett chasing the ducks/goose back into the water.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

He's finally crawling!!

On November 3rd Brett started crawling. Well I guess it's more of a scoot, but either way he can get from one place to the other. Guess I have to baby-proof the house now and keep it vacuumed and crumb free. Fun fun.

Stopping for a snack.

We have a crawler.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

good lil' vampire

I was debating this year for halloween... should he be a cute fluffy bunny or tiger or something sweet and squishy?? or a vampire because of his awesome widow's peak?? It was quite the dilemma. And the winner is...
Good lil', cute, sweet, squishy vampire (if there is such a thing).

punk witch + vampire = fun Halloween. Bretty got his first taste of pixie stick and dum dum thanks to Jeff of course. I'm of the no refined sugars in the first year policy, oh well.