Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Born on the wedding day...

Dantzel Neeley was born on Friday, July 30th at 9:10am. She weighed 7lbs 6oz and 18in long. My original due date was July 27th, and Hailee's wedding was July 30th. I thought because I went on my due date with Brett that I would do the same with her. Well Friday morning at 3:30am I had my first contraction, and my first thought was "oh no, my mom is going to kill me". So it's true, I missed my only sister's wedding, but I had the most wonderful excuse. The best surprise was when Hailee and Derek came to the hospital from the temple to see me and Dantzel. It was so sweet, I get a big lump in my throat every time I think about it. What a cool memory, I love my sister and my new little baby girl. It was an AMAZING day.
I labored at home until 7:30am and I told Jeff I needed to go to the hospital NOW, becuase the pain was getting bad fast. I checked in at the hospital at 8am and I had her 1hr and 10 min later. She came is just three pushes and was healthy as can be. I am recovering well, and she is a sweet little peanut. It's amazing how tiny they are, it also makes Brett look like a giant. He loves his little sister, but isn't exactly sure how to interact with her. We are so happy to have our sweet girl here.
Daddy's little girl.

The bride and groom came to see us at the hospital.

Hailee and Dantzel share a very special day.

I love my baby girl

She has the tiniest, perfect little head and face

Brett and Dantzel

She thinks she is so big holding up her head! What a little toot!