Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bretty's new bike

Today was a BIG day for Brett. We got him a Strider balance bike. They are the coolest bikes that don't have any pedals and teach two year olds how to balance. Brett was getting frustrated on a tricycle because he couldn't figure out the pedals. Our neighbor had one of these balance bikes and Brett loved riding it, we looked into it and they really are the best way to teach kids how to ride a bike.
Jeff hid the bike in Brett's crib and we told Brett it was time to take a nap. He headed to his room and was heading towards the crib when he saw the bike. He said "I found bike in da crib". He was all smiles and elated for many hours. He rode his bike all around the house all day. He kept saying "I found bike in crib" and then snicker like it was a funny joke.

First time on the new bike.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Up Close and Cheesy

The kiddos were being super silly and cute, obviously...

Dantzel wearing sneakers, check out those thighs!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Babies!!!

Sweet Brett. He loves this shirt and wants to wear it everyday. He cries a little when I tell him it's dirty. This shirt is called "boise state". All athletic looking shirts are labeled as "boise state".

I love this chubby girl, you can see the rolls in the stretch pants and they are so sweet and squishy. Such a happy baby. Dantzel's first word "mamama" I LOVE it.

New pajamas!! Dantzel looks afraid for her life and I don't blame her, Brett gives lots of tough love.

Snowing in March should be illegal.

Fancy Dansi!! This girl is the BEST, she is so happy. I love going into her room to get her from sleeping, she starts kicking and inahle yelling (not exactly sure what to call this amazing sound she makes). She is so happy to see you.

Going in for the kill...

mmm...daddy's chin, it doesn't get much better.