Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Back Into the Swing of Things...

We had an amazing, and long (3weeks), vacation to California and Idaho. Unfortunatley Jeff did not join us, so while we missed him greatly, we still had a wonderful and memorable trip. I don't have all the pictures from Cali and Idaho yet, so this post will not be about our trip. But it will come!

Ah, my loves, here they are!! My dad took these beautiful, vibrant shots of the kids playing underneath Aunt Meieli's willow tree. I have forgotten how AMAZING the grass is in Idaho, and no fire ants. It's all so hard to believe. Even Dantzel kept asking, "there's no fire ants in Idaho, right mom?", then she would chicken out and not step out onto the grass. She really had to overcome the stepping into the grass without shoes on fire ant phobia. Once she did, she was gone and loved running everywhere barefeet!

Brett loves being the big brother. I love the proud look on his face in this picture. He does keep asking for a little brother though. Not Dantz, she only wants sisters. She is kinda turning into a girly girl, loves girls, pink, purple, etc.

Cutie pie! Brett told me that he likes pictures of him best when he smiles with no teeth. I thought that was very observant for a little four year old.

These girls were having a blast running through the willows and letting the branches tickle them. They were giggling and wiggling and while it was hard to take pictures of them, I absolutely loved watching them play!
These kids are my world and my purpose. I love being able to stay home with them and spend hours and hours together everyday! I am one lucky momma!