Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th of July

It's fun teaching Brett about the holidays! We checked out a book from the library about America's birthday, and Brett made us sing the happy birthday song to America. We had a very traditional 4th of July (traditional is good). Parade, swimming, bbq, fireworks. The only bummer was Jeff worked, but he did get off at 5!!

Does this look like "cheese"? I don't think so. This face seems to take a lot more effort than a simple smile, oh well.

A long, hot and kind of boring parade. No candy, what's that all about.

The sweetest chubby nugget in red/white/blue I have ever seen.

Del Mar Fair - San Diego

4th of July weekend we headed to San Diego with the Neeleys to go to the fair. It was the last weekend the fair was open and it was packed...but still really fun. I have mixed feelings about fairs...I don't enjoy the crowds, overpriced food and rides but I do love the the fair feel, does that make any sense? Animals, prizes, cotton candy, ferris good.

Dantzel getting ready with the girl before the fair. The sink: a perfect place to help a mover hold still for a bit!

Checking out the biggest cow ever seen...I was debating about getting a picture of the cow or the cow viewers and decided on this. But believe me, the cow was a monstrosity!

The art exhibits, sure love that farmer.

Brett, Dantzel, Derek and I all rode the Ferris wheel together and it was amazing. Brett hanging on for dear life.
Later I went on the zipper with Shelby and survived... barely. It was a blast, I felt young and silly again.

We camped in the trailer after the fair and these two were GONE, as you can easily see.