Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Boys!

Here are some cute fall pics I took of the boys on a Sunday walk. I sure love my boys!

They really are best buds, always laughing and wrestling. While we were in Idaho I showed Brett one of these pics and he whispered "dada" and then was reaching for Jeff's picture on the screen. It was adorable.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Dream Vacation to....

So Rexburg Idaho doesn't have warm weather, beaches or great places to eat. But Rexburg Idaho does have my awesome family, so to me it is my dream vacation. Jeff was so sweet and let me and Brett leave for a whole week to go visit the family. Jeff survived a week by himself, but barely, we had to come home and save him. :)
One of the nice things about going home is I can slip back into my 17 year old high school habits: laying on the couch eating fruit snacks and granola bars, messy room, telling the fam to play with Brett because we will be leaving soon while I lay with my feet propped up. It sounds really lazy, but it was much needed.
Brett wasn't so sure abot grandpa at first. So they went outside to have some bonding time. They found a Texas longhorn in the pasture (no fence) and practiced their "mooooing".

The whole cow and bonding thing really worked, after that they were best buds.

For mom's 50th birthday/halloween party she dressed up as a clown, it was awesome, what a cool grandma (and mom).

Alissa the pirate and Bretty the vampire

The Three Amigas

Brooklyn just loved little Bretty and held him any chance she could!

Also while in Idaho I was able to get with my nursing friends from BYU-Idaho. We all have had children in the past few months. It was such a blast to see our babies together.

I had so much fun visiting the whole family. I got to go out to lunch with my grandma Jones and my aunt Lisa, I also got my hair was suffering badly. I went back to my natural color (dark blonde) and got layers. I'll have to post pics of the new do. Thanks everybody for a great week.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

October...thus far

Time is flying here in Texas. We are finally starting to enjoy the weather, cool crisp air, 75 degrees. Jeff is insanely busy and studying constantly, so unfortunately this post is about all the things me and Brett do while Jeff is at school.
Our first outing in October was the Zoo. Brett loved looking at all the animals and was fascinated with the Lions. As we were looking at the lion exibit, I said to Brett, "what does a lion say... ROOAARR" Yea, well the lions didn't like that too much, they jumped up and started ROARing like crazy at us. Then I saw the sign "Please don't yell at these animals" ooops. Hehe, just trying to teach my little munchkin animals sounds.

Me and Brett with the lions. The male lion is glaring at us, I think he feels threatened by my ROARing skills.

Our second outing was to the Pumpkin Festival. There was so much to do. Brett went on a swing for the first time in his long life and loved it. He was hanging on for dear life and just yelling... AAAHHH. We went on a tractor hay ride, face painting, ducky pool, petting zoo, and tractors, it was awesome.
You can almost hear the "AAAHHH"

Dazed and confused after the face painting experience

Brett wasn't afraid one bit. Don't worry everybody, his hands were sanitized immediately after the pet.

Pumpkin Festival!!!

Brett has been reaching so many milestones and we are so proud. He gives five, pinches my nose so I will give a ridiculous squack, pulls up to his knees, claps hands, bounces up and down when he hears music, talks about "dada" all day, and loves the "baba"(bottle). He went to his 9 month check up and here are the numbers. Brett Louis Neeley weighing in at 20lbs 6oz, and 30 in tall, champion of the Neeley home! He is in the 50% for weight and 95% for height.

Brett hanging out at his toy drawer.