Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sledding at Sugar City Hill

We have the perfect size hill for sledding and it is a blast! Brett got sleds for his birthday from Grandma Sara, and boy are they fun!
Birthday sleds, wahoo!

Kelsey's favorite way to ride is a cushy tube, I can't say I blame her!

Zoom in! You can see the jump called "killer hill" and the air Brett is catching!

This baby just doesn't like sledding, plain and simple.

This girl is fearless, she will go on any jump, no question!

Just cute...

This sweet little 9 month old, just started scooting...barely, and cut her first tooth!

Jesus wants Kelsey for a "sunbean"


He isn't too sure about all these sisters.

Christmas 2015

I love our tradition of getting a real Christmas tree. This year was extra special because we went to the forest and cut it down ourselves. The other tradition I love is the kids sleeping under the Christmas tree on Christmas eve and the final favorite is the Nativity acted out by our favorite actors...the Neeley-boppers.

We called her a sheep eating shepherd becuase she took that paper sheep and started narfing it!
Out in the woods cutting down a Christmas tree.

Sleds from Santa

Christmas Eve at James and Meieli's House

We had a wonderful Christmas, that I definitely don't want to forget. I was able to be together with all my siblings, and that hasn't happened in too long! It was wonderful!