Thursday, November 7, 2013

Halloween 2013

Hercules, Zues, Hera, and two beautiful greek goddesses. We had so much  fun dressing up as a family! Brett didn't want to be Hercules until we watched the Disney movie and checked out a Hercules book at the library. That solved that problem!
A feircesome Hercule!

Dantzel wanted to be a princess for halloween, so we used the term greek princess instead of greek goddess. I told Dantzel she was beautiful and she said, "yeah, because I have the yellow hair
Some great friends invited us to a Halloween party and we had a great time, the girls faces say enough!
Jeff's sister, Melinda hand made these costumes a few years back, we were so lucky to all fit into the wonderful desinged costumes! 

Austin Nature and Science Center

I am always looking for fun, free, and educational places to take my kids...this ended up being a success.
Lots of nature trails, animals exhibits, a sand pit where the kids dig up dinosaur bones and Brett's favorite, the lily pads. There is a stream with cement lily pads as stepping stones to cross the stream.

This glass if full of honeybees. Its pretty amazing to watch them, Dantzel is looking for the queen, she has a white dot on her back.
Dantzel knows she is not supposed to take the flowers, but they are just so tempting for this girl. "Just one" she says.
A serious palentologist at work.
One of the perks of being in Texas is beautiful fall days like this!


Granddad Neeley gave the kids a four-wheeler for Christmas last year and we have loved it! It is the perfect thing for Jeff to do with the kids when we has a couple hours after work, before bedtime. One evening was particularly eventful because it had rained and left the woods quite muddy! 

Proud of his muddy mess!
At first she wasn't sure she wanted a ride, but went anyway. 
She can't take her eyes off those muddy hands!