Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Snowshoeing at R mountain

Saturday was beautiful weather. We went with family on a hike up R mountain in snowshoes. It was a blast. The best was running down and jumping of cornices. Thanks for taking the pictures James.Brett had a great time in the backpack. They even crashed a few times and he never whined once. Near the end of the hike Jeff and Brett were in the rear and Brett started to whisper in Jeff's ear "go daddy, go go." They started off and we all raced to the parking lot. It was Jeff and Brett vs James, until James face planted in the snow. When we made it home and got out of the car Brett yelled, "yay, did it." He was so proud.

Nate, Elisa, Jeff, Lindsay, Brett, Meieli, and James

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Kids Pictures

Brett's 2 year pictures and Dantzel's 6 month. Thanks Elisa.

I love this face!!

Our February thus far...

We took a trip to Utah to see Hailee and Derek. It was so awesome to see them and hang out. We played scrabble every night and watched movies. Of course, me and Hails were out cold during the movies, but that's typical Allen girls when a movie is on and it's past 8:30pm. Brett just loves Derek so much, he even has named the color brown Derek.

Derek and Brett playing guitars.

One of Brett's favorite places in the house: the pantry. He likes to have his snacks placed on the lowest shelf in the pantry. Brett's personal snack bar. Hat: check. Shirt: check. Socks and shoes: check. Pants: ?? okay, weird.

Brett, don't talk and drive.

I can't think of a better way to get rid of morning breath.

Sissy sitting up in her crib after a good nap. She is such a happy baby and opens her mouth wide to let you know just how happy she is.

Cabin at Island Park

We spent a weekend at the cabin in Island Park, just our little family. The driveway hadn't been plowed but Yota (Jeff's truck) trudged through 3 feet of snow and we made it...barely, we were nearing the red zone on the RPMs. It was so relaxing and nice! Our weekend in pictures:Dantzel woke up early one morning and Jeff kindly got her and took her downstairs. When Brett and I finally woke up this is how we found them. So cozy.

One of Brett's new hobbies: play-doh. A perfect stuck in the cabin activity.

We were sitting on the couch watching some old show with Chuck Norris in it...lame.

Brett love to play in the "snowing". When we were there he kept saying "Wow, big snowing" I translated that as "wow, there is a lot of snow".
Snow bunny.

Jeff did a back flip off the deck and it looks like he kind of did a face plant. Nice glasses.

The kids did great, and slept good even in a new place.