Friday, June 22, 2012

My Girls (I love saying that)

Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed of having baby girls I could dress alike. Dreams are coming true for me! I love my girls!! Thanks aunt Alissa for the adorable outfits!


Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Visit From the Neeleys

 Mom, Dad, Shelby, Trevor and Derek made the long trek to see us. I'm learning that Texas is a long way from everything. It was so good to see them, and introduce them to baby Kelsey! Kelsey definitely loved aunt Shelby!
During the day we were in the water and at night we were home playing games and eating blue bell! FUN weekend.
 Trevor (13 years old) only inches shorter than Jeff. I can see Jeff's thought cloud, "oh no, this cannot be happening.)

Pretty hair accessories from Grandma, but Dantzel was sure they went on her arms.

Rudy's barbeque with the fam. They even have sauce just for our "sissy".

 Brett, Granddad, Jeff, Shelby, Trevor and Derek spent the day at Schlitterbahn. Supposedly it is the biggest waterpark in the U.S. They left sunburned, hungry, exhausted and happy.

 Loves from Shelbs

 Brett loves his uncles

Another visit with uncle Paul. The old folks were going crazy over Dantzel's hat and jumper.

It was so fun to have them with us, and lucky for us they came back two weeks later for another weekend trip!

Besties Reunited

Hailee, Ashlee and I have been seperated for far too long. They made the long journey from New Mexico for a week long visit in Texas, it was so much fun! It did rain most of the time, but we managed to go swimming, see the bats on Congress Bridge, and enjoy some Rudy's barbeque. At one point we were caought in a horrific rainstorm. I like Ashlee's point of view best:
The Torrential Downpour:
Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of this, so you'll have to use your imaginations.
Hailee, Lindsay, and I were about ready to leave a store when it sounded like the building was going to cave in due to a herd of elephants doing the Macarena on the roof. A lovely Texas storm had rolled into town.  The parking lot had become a lake in about 5 seconds. We debated on whether or not we should wait for the rain to stop (we had two babies with us) or just run to the car. We waited it out for 5 minutes or so, when we decided the rain wasn't going to stop any time soon. We ran to the car as fast as we could, strapped in the kiddos, and jumped in. We were soaked, and driving home was NOT fun. The rain never let up, and did I mention it was at night? We're talking flash-floods, lighting, the whole shebang. I think our top speed was about 15 mph, but better safe than sorry, folks! It was pretty nerve-wracking, and I'm really glad I wasn't the one driving. After we got back to the house, we found out that there was a tornado warning for the area, so that's something to write home about.
Thanks Ash. And one insert, I remember calming my nerves with a huge bowl of bluebell ice cream once home safe!
 Rainy day activity: angry birds with auntie Ash

 Best friends...with some appendages. Love my peeps!

 Love my sis. I must live close to her someday!

 Now that Carly can crawl, she pretty much followed these two around the entire trip.

Oh, Dantz. 
So she loves to put hair ties on her wrists, trying to be like me (I think I have a hair tie on my wrist 90% of the time). But hers are a bit tighter, and her hands are looking a little purple.

Kelsey's Blessing

Jeff blessed our sweet Kelsey on May 6th 2012. The blessing was beautiful, Jeff did a wonderful job. There was so much love in his voice as he was blessing her. Kelsey wore Dantzel's blessing dress and she looked like a doll. No family was able to make it for the blessing, but our ward family stepped in and made it a special day. We sure love the Buda ward.
 Ready to be out of the frilly dress. But I am lovin' that double chin.

 These kids are wild after church, this was taken right before Dantzel went to play in the dirt.

Sun, window background and crying baby on her big day! It's better than no picture at all, right?!