Sunday, December 12, 2010

Winter with Brett and Dantzel

Dantzel's New Jumper and Big Blue Eyes
In our attempt to raise athletic children we got Dantzel a jumper and she's loving it. She is starting to laugh which combined with her big blue eyes makes her Daddy melt.

Brett has an Arm(s)
When Brett gets something in his hands (right or left) watch out because he will nail ya. He's also getting pretty good at drop-kicking a soccer ball (not even 2 yet!)

Brett and Daddy
We got Brett and Dad dressed up and decided to do their favorite thing - take pictures. The picture of Jeff and Brett is the closest Brett would let Jeff get. After every picture Brett jumps off the couch to see how the most recent picture looks - funny boy!

Best Buddies - Brett and "Sissy"
These two are becoming more and more inseparable. Dantzel (or "Sissy" as Brett calls her) is growing fast and getting toughened up by her big brother's tough love.

Funny Face by Brett
We brush Brett's teeth everyday (well almost everyday) in front of a mirror. One day while pasting up his toothbrush he started laughing at himself while making this face. Now whenever asked to make "Funny Faces" this is the pose.

"Big" Shoes
Winter time in Rexburg means more time in the house which means time for Brett to get creative. The other day we found him trompin' around in Daddy's "Big" shoes. This afternoon he was walking around in Mommy's high heels while saying "Goin church." Brett sure makes time in the house fun.