Wednesday, January 18, 2012


It is so true that each kid comes with their own personality and we are seeing more and more of this in Brett and Dantzel.
Brett is very particular about some things...he always like his hands CLEAN, he asks for a wet wipe to wash his hands after eating fish crackers. He asks for a towel to cover his clothes before he eats anything because he wants his shirt to stay clean. If there is one tiny drip of pee in his undies he asks for "fresh, clean undies". He is very organized and systematic, and everything needs to be put where it belongs.
Here is a little snapshot of his true colors...I love it, and he was so proud of his work.
Dantzel is not particular about much. She is very easy going and more of a free spirit. She makes us laugh frequently and has a little spring to her step. She frequently puts things on her head: underwear, hats, towels and loves to walk around the house in my shoes. One day I caught her with toothbrushes shoved into her pockets.
Here is a picture of Sissy in a nutshell. Sure love this little sweetie.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Bretty!

Brett turned 3 on January 10th, and I am amazed by how much he has changed. He says the cutest last night when the birthday celebrations were over he said, "Thanks for the great day today mommy". For the last while when asked how old he is Brett responds "I'm really 4" and we went along with it but kept reminding him on his birthday he was going to be 3, so far he's good with being 3.
Jeff has been dreaming of him and Brett riding around the neighborhood on Razor scooters together, so Brett (and Jeff) got a scooter for his present, and he was excited!!
I also wanted to post pics, so everyone can see how much our little buddy has changed these 3 years.

3 years

2 years

1 year

5 weeks

Loves the whole birthday idea: cake, birthday song, blowing out the candles.

I was so excited to make this dirt bike mountain cake for Brett and I thought it turned out pretty awesome. Unfortunately Brett didn't really understand it, when he saw it he said (slightly confused), "mommy, there's a cycle on my cake". Oh well, it brought me some joy and Brett did enjoy both the cake and the new toy motorcycle.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Train Ride Birthday Surprise!

From books about trains from the library, to Thomas train videos, to his new train set from Christmas, this boy is obsessed with trains. To keep with the theme we surprised him with a day on the Austin Steam Train. When we arrived he was asking everybody he saw, "can I go on a train ride?"

This face perfectly describes what this little boy was feeling before boarding the train.

Dantzel was along for the ride.

He we are in our train car, built in 1948 which was coupled directly to the engine! Brett spent most of the ride standing on his seat with his nose glued to the window... and he was one of the first passengers to see something crazy (see video below).

Brett was fascinated with this cool looking diesel engine. After the train ride he was anxious to get home and make a new track for his trains.


Truck vs. Train!
About 15 minutes into Brett's first train ride, with his nose glued to the window, he saw our train hit the front end of a flat bed semi-truck. The driver of the semi was a little too far into the intersection! We were shocked, and Brett couldn't stop talking about it. Talk about adventure!

Our First Christmas in Texas

It was an amazing and eventful Christmas this year. We got visitors from New Mexico: Hailee, Derek and Carly and from Idaho: Mom, Dad and Trever. Between the two of them they stayed 12 days and it was awesome. The weather was beautiful, mid 60's, and we spent a lot of time outside.
Also during the Christmas break, we closed on our new house (my Christmas present!), and took a day to move -- thanks fam for moving us on your vacation.
We spent Christmas day with Hailee and Derek reading scriptures and stories and singing songs. Mom and Dad arrived Christmas night late, so we decided to save all of the presents for the following morning.

Cabela's camo camp chair t0 Dantzel from Daddy. (I think he's afraid she's going to be a girly girl or something)

Borrowing grandma's stylish reading glasses.

We spent a whole day at SeaWorld in San Antonio...amazing!

I love this guy!!

Yummy Texas barbeque at Rudy's. Brett ate white bread and root beer, while Sissy had as much moist brisket as Jeff. Everybody LOVED this place.

Grandma just knows how to doll a girl up!

We spent an afternoon at a park with a picnic lunch. We forgot the bread, so we tried feeding the ducks chips. Brett came running up to me saying "mommy, ducks don't eat chips", bummer. These are some of my favorite people.

LOVE this picture, and now you all know where Dantzel got her eyes.