Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kids are funny...

These kiddos keep me laughing. They do and say some pretty funny stuff. Dantzel has a very funny personality. She is the noisiest eater, she moans and groans and mmmmms the entire meal. We cant even take snacks to church because she is so loud when she eats, its quite distracting, but I love it.
Charlie Brown Thanksgiving playgroup. The kids had so much fun, and I had fun watching the movie because I hadn't seen it in a long time. Love the feast: jelly beans, toast, popcorn and pretzels. I didn't made her a feather headband at first because I didn't think she'd care, she's 1. But she had a minor meltdown when all the kids had them on and she did not. Once the feathers were on her head, all was well.

Falling asleep at lunch, but I love that it looks like she is praying, so cute baby.

Takes her hair out every time she is in the car seat. And this is what happens to her hair, not good.

Brett does and says very interesting and funny things. A couple of my favorite Brettisms are:
After being in the house all day he matter of factly states: "I gotta get out of this dang house"
Walking up the stairs in our apartment: "these stairs are too much for me" and
this is how he asks to get his clothes on in the morning "can you get my dressed on, on."

Brett claims that his pillow and bed "makes mine eyes burn all night long". So, he as been sleeping on the floor for the past week. My hips just hurt thinking about it, silly boy.

Brett and I did a simple Thanksgiving craft this week and he was thrilled with his work. He collected the leaves and I let him help me hot glue them on, which he loved. After we hung up his craft, he kept walking by it saying, "oh my gosh, everybody come look at my turkey, it's so great". I should do more crafts with this boy.

A military museum in Austin. Brett posing as an airplane.


I celebrated my 26th birthday this year, and I'm feeling old. Haha. When I met Jeff he was 26, and I remember thinking I was marrying an old man. It was a great day just chillin' with my peeps (Brett and Dantzel of course). Jeff came home early from work and we went out to Texas Roadhouse, mmmm honey butter on hot rolls.

26 years and 21 weeks.

I love this picture, Brett was so excited to sing happy birthday to me (it's one of his favorite songs and sometimes we sing it before bedtime even when it's no ones birthday).