Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Where do the groceries go?

These three little ones keep me hoppin', and there is always something funny happening. I attempted "the biggy" grocery trip with all three and that was a mistake. I strapped Kelsey to me and had the kids in a racecar shopping cart (those terribly large, difficult to maneuver kind). At HEB they give the kids a cookie, which keeps them behaved for a while, but this time Brett leaned over to try a bite of Dantzel's cookie and he ended biting her finger, hard. Dantzel started screaming, I got upset with Brett and he started crying and of course Kelsey had to chime in. Let's just say I'm back to shopping in the evening when the kids are sleeping.

No room for the groceries, this should keep my spending low.

Every Wednesday we have playgroup with moms in the ward. I pack the kids a picnic lunch in their backpacks to eat while at the park. Playgroup starts at 10am, and when we get to the park the first thing they do is head straight for a table and start eating. I always thought parents had to drag their kids off the toys to get them to eat lunch...not these stinkers.

Updated picture of Kelsey. 5 1/2 weeks. She is starting to smile, but it's difficult to catch on camera. She looks a lot like Brett as a baby. She is the sweetest, best baby ever...I feel so blessed.

Brett was proud of the match he found!

We spent Sunday afternoon visiting Uncle Paul. He is 100 years old!! He is still walking and fun to talk to, he's quite witty. This is Brett, Dantzel and Kelsey's great-great-great uncle. WOW!

Saturday we spent outside taking care of the yard, house and cars. Brett and Dantzel had been helping Jeff wash the truck and took a little break for a snack. This picture makes me laugh. The kids watching daddy work.


This little lady is such a gem, we sure love having her in our house. I kind of feel bad for her because she doesn't require as much attention as the other two, and I don't ever want her to feel forgotten. I try to spend good time with her each day. She is starting to copy everything we say and it is so cute in her little munchkin voice.
Cute Dantzel doings:
--Every time someone sneezes she says "bess ew mommy"
--She loves putting on clothes; one time we took off four pairs of pants before we got to the diaper
--She STILL eats dirt frequently.
--She is very polite and says "thank" after receiving something.

Love this little chipmunk smile! Jeff and I got new running shoes in the mail and Dantzel had to try them out first!

Yup :)

What a cute little mommy-in-training.