Sunday, January 9, 2011

This little guy will be 2 years old tomorrow (Jan 10). What a cute little munchkin. He has been such a wonderful boy. He truly has a sweet, sensitive heart. The other day he spilled something, on accident, and I sighed and was frustrated and he could sense it. He just looked at me and said "be nice mommy", what 2 year old says that. I sure love him.

I love this picture minus the shadow behind the adorable boy. You photoshop experts please feel free to remove it and e-mail a picture with only 1 Brett. (
Brett is hilarious and makes me laugh every day, here are some Bretty funnies:
1. Jeff and I were talking about the difference in taste between chicken and pheasant meat. Brett heard the word pheasant and immediately make a pheasant cackle sound followed by a gunshot sound. hmmmm, wonder where he learned that.
2. Brett loves to play with "maggots" or I typically call them magnets.
3. Airplanes are always "hairplanes" and gloves "glubbs".

It is so dang cold in Rexburg!! We had to move our bed away from the window, so now my bed is in the middle of the room...bug. We sleep with 3 comforters and Jeff sleeps in this adorable outfit (at least it matches)

My sweet girl eating food for the first time... I think she likes it. PS Her eyes are not wide open because she is tasting food for the first time, they are always like that, it's great!

Community jungle gym. If Dantzel is there, so is Brett.

Brett playing with a tractor he got for Christmas. Notice the plow lines in my couch.

This girl is so stinkin' cute. Look at that fuzzy head. It grows straight out like her daddy's hair. I'm not exactly sure what to do with it.